Club Racing every weekend in the summer!

The South Muskoka Sailing Club schedules a variety of weekend club races for our Keelboat, Laser, and Club 420 class fleets.

Sailors compete in up to 10 Series Races through the course of the summer, our Club Championship, and other events including Districts Championships, the MLA Regatta, and The September Trophy Race.

A complete list of Events and the Schedule is available for your convenience. Awards are presented at the end of year Club party.

Laser Racing

Since the early 1970s, SMSC has had an active and enthusiastic Laser I club fleet. This 13’ 9”, 130 pound boat is the most popular sailing boat in the world, with over 210,000 having been built since 1969, and it is a perfect cottage boat that is easy to sail and enjoy by all. There is a strong network of Laser racing fleets all over the world and a set of local, national and international competitions, including the Olympics.

We hold club series races most Sunday afternoons in the summer as part of the dinghy race schedule and encourage sailors of all ages and skill abilities to participate. Our Laser Club Championship is an annual highlight event that draws out many contenders aiming to add their name on the prestigious Club Champ Trophy.  Awards for events are given to top youth performance as well as overall standings.

There are also opportunities to test racing skills against sailors outside of our club. The Muskoka Lakes Association sponsors sailing regattas each year in cottage country. See the current year’s schedule for the list of club and Muskoka region events. Contact the Dinghy Fleet Captain for any help you need.

Governor's Cup 21

The South Muskoka Sailing Club is unique amongst cottage country clubs in that we have a fleet of state-of-the-art keelboats and we race them every Saturday from the last weekend in June until Labour Day.

The boats are Governor’s Cup 21 one-design racers built for three people to sail. They were originally developed for the Governor’s Cup, the International Junior Match Racing championship which has been held annually for the past half century or so in Southern California. The GC21 is actively raced in Long Beach, CA, Chicago and in Muskoka.

These boats were chosen by the club because they are very exciting to sail with a small rudder and an oversized mast head spinnaker. They are of the modern “sled” design with an open transom and a deep keel with a lead bulb on the bottom. They are as pretty as they are fast when the entire fleet works to weather on a sunny breezy Muskoka Saturday afternoon.

Currently we have eight of these thoroughbreds in the fleet, and are always looking to add new boats. New participants are always welcome, either as boat owners or crew for one of our existing boats. Contact the club to be put in touch with the fleet captain.

Watch for the Governor’s Cup 21 fleet on Lake Muskoka this year. It should make for some great Club racing!