A Morning At Sailing School

Upon arrival you will be greeted by two smiling instructors ready to catch your boat and help you onto the dock. Waving good bye to your parents may be hard on the first day, but were sure you won’t want to leave by the end of it.

After the boats are all rigged with the help of the instructors we all sit down at the circle for a game. Everyone is involved and it is a great way to get to know all the other students at the school.

After circle it’s time to sail. Half the club gets their boats out on the water as the other half stays on land to do a theory lesson. Half way through the day we switch and the other half comes back onto land.

Your safety is of our utmost concern, so every student will be watched closely by their instructor on and off the water.

At the end of the day, after all boats are de-rigged and put away properly we sit back down at the circle for another game and we wrap up the day.

When 1:00 rolls around we kindly give you back to your parents and then patiently look forward to seeing you the following morning!