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SMSS on Beautiful McVittie Island!

The South Muskoka Sailing School is located on beautiful McVittie Island, near the mouth of the Muskoka River and east of Browning and Eileen Gowan Islands. Though most students make their way to Sailing School by boat, we also have a daily pickup location at George Road in Bracebridge.

Should you need to contact the sailing school while your kids are there the phone number is 705-205-4066, Chloe Triskan is our Head Instructor. This phone will be active starting July 4, 2016, Monday to Friday from 8am to 5.30pm.  For administrative questions, signing up for more lessons, please email Cheryl at

Directions by Car (George Road Pick-up location)

To arrange for pick up of your child at the George Road Landing, please speak with the Head Instructor to make arrangements. Directions to the George Road Landing are as follows:

  • Follow Hwy. 118 West from Bracebridge to Golden Beach Rd
  • Take Golden Beach Road to George Road
  • Follow George Road until you reach the George Road Landing

Directions by Boat

The sailing school is located on McVittie Island, to the east side of Browning and Eilean Gowan Islands. If you have trouble finding it on a chart of the lake, locate the Alport Marina or the  Pride of Muskoka Marina, and trace the shoreline north until you hit the Muskoka River. McVittie Island is at the mouth of this river. From the water, you’ll notice a large sailboat and an orange marker moored in front of the school site (on the North West side of the island). Students can beach or dock small boats at the site. Students being dropped off by parents are picked up on the water by an instructor coach boat (as the waters are quite shallow at the dock).

South Muskoka Sailing Club, McVittie Island, Lake Muskoka